About Francis Giclée Art

After running a professional photo lab, retouching studio, repro business, and working with the most experienced photographers and professionals in the graphic industry, it was time to do something different. Open heart surgery made it apparent that it was time to slow down and plan for a less stressful line of work. Since I have always been striving to be in the forefront of the rapidly evolving graphic technology, I felt challenged to take on the much raved about giclée printing technique.

A trip to the beautiful art haven of Maui made the choice clear. Imagery has been my bread and butter for half my life. Now I felt compelled to focus on the high end, most exquisite, best quality available in the field of reproduction: Giclée Fine Art. After investing in a top notch giclée printer, state of the art workstations, and advanced peripheral equipment, several months of testing followed. Fixation, calibration, ICC profiling, paper quality runs, and hundreds of other test. Nevertheless, now the studio is finally up and running.

Some might say it is total lunacy to embark on a high risk endeavor such as this, but I strongly disagree. I have certainly not lost my mind and regret nothing. I have seen the future and it is here today. To watch the miracle of a flawless image slowly being printed out before my eyes on artist quality paper is something I can never get enough of. I always give a hundred percent and go out of my way to assist and inspire anyone interested in bringing out the best of their work. In my opinion, Giclée Fine Art is the only alternative currently available. Therefore, do not hesitate! Contact me today! You will not regret it!

Best regards,

Francis Caubère